How to improve your SWOLF score

Wearable technology is making it easier for you to collect and analyse swim data. Here’s how you… View Article

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5 dry land exercises to give you more power in the pool

Develop more explosive power for starts and turns with these 5 exercises, designed for you.

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15 reasons to love swimming

It’s perfect for every swimming personality, whether you’re a social swimmer who loves a swim and a… View Article

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Swimming exercises for an abs workout and toned stomach

Dreaming of a trim and toned stomach? Hitting the pool is a sure fire way of ensuring… View Article

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How to improve your breathing technique for swimming

Feeling out of breath when you swim? As we humans are land-based creatures, it’s no surprise breathing… View Article

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4 Easy Ways to Care For Your Swimming Goggles

Avoid foggy or scratched goggles with this expert advice on choosing the right size, caring for the… View Article

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Speedo anti-fog: how we prevent steamy goggles

Foggy goggles and disrupted vision make for a frustrating swim, which is why all Speedo goggles now… View Article

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What is the best time of day to go swimming?

Invigorated morning swimmer or evening master of the pool? And does it make any difference? We reveal… View Article

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How To Use Swimming To Tone Your Stomach

Discover which swimming exercises will get maximum results for slimming your tummy. No complicated sports science, just… View Article

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The Speedo Guide To Swimming Goggles

Need help choosing? Our Goggle Selector Tool will help you find the right goggles for your swimming needs.

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30-Minute Swim Workouts To Mix Up Your Routine

Swim workouts for every level of swimmer. Improve your swimming technique, burn calories, build strength and stamina,… View Article

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Pool Etiquette 101: The 7 Commandments Of Lane Swimming

Don’t let a crowded pool of speedy swimmers intimidate you. Here are some of the most common… View Article

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