Sri Lanka Women’s Swimming Project

Speedo Swim Generation is looking to help 500 people in Sri Lanka access essential water safety education,… View Article

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Real life interview: The joy of open water swimming in summer

Discover why you should be taking your swim session outdoors this summer, as we chat to blogger… View Article

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Breaststroke Swimming Drills | Breaststroke Arms with Front Crawl Legs (BAFL)

This drill helps you improve the coordination and timing of your stroke.

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The Perfect Get-Fit Recipe

This delicious and nutritious meal packs in several of our superfoods, as well as my special low… View Article

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Dave McNulty Swim Fitness Training Plan – Week 5

Three times Olympic coach Dave McNulty has created an 8-week swim training plan for the fitness swimmer…. View Article

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Clock drill video

The Clock drill teaches you to hold a streamline position at the end of the front crawl… View Article

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Safety tips to help your children stay safe around water!

With holiday season fast approaching, we asked expert coach and Mum, Annie Emmerson to share her top… View Article

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Team Speedo | Tom Dean

Tom Dean: European Junior Record Holder 200m Individual Medley

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Standing Up for Drowning Prevention with Swim Generation

Speedo’s water safety initiative makes ripples with global launch

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SwimSafe (Bangladesh)

Drowning is often hailed as ‘a silent emergency’ and there are few countries in the world where… View Article

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Stress-free holiday tips for travelling with kids

Side-step the meltdowns, tears and tantrums (and that’s just the adults) and enjoy a family holiday the… View Article

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Swimming Holiday Essentials

We all know how exciting the countdown to a sun holiday or a weekend break with friends… View Article

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