Breaststroke stroke technique with Jessica Hardy

Olympic gold medallist, Jessica Hardy, shows us how to perform the the perfect breaststroke stroke technique in this step-by-step video tutorial, devised by our top swim coach to help you perform your breaststroke hand entry, catch position and arm pull more efficiently.

Improve your Breaststroke with Speedos Expert Tips

A strong and efficient arm pull will allow you to move through the water faster.

StartingThe Arm Pull The starting point for breaststroke is underneath the water in a stretched and streamlined position, with your fingers pointing forwards, hands together and your palms facing down.

Understanding the Outsweep The outsweep is initiated by rotating your hands so that your thumbs tilt downwards to a 45-degree angle, and your arms press outwards in line with your forearms.

Keep your arms straight until you create a Y-shaped profile with your body. The width of your arm stroke is very individual, and dependent on your natural strength and feel for the water.

The Propulsive Phase To begin the propulsive phase of the stroke, catch the water by tilting your fingers diagonally downwards, and lifting your elbow slightly.

The Insweep Pull your hands inwards towards each other in a powerful and accelerating manner. This is known as the insweep.

Now, sweep your elbows in front of your chest as your hands come together. During this phase, your hands should be in line with your forearms.

Without pausing, stretch your arms forwards as your shoulders drop into the water, keeping them close to the water’s surface as you prepare for the next stroke cycle.

The arm stroke is very much a sculling movement. Try not to pull your elbow past your shoulder line.