How-to: Backstroke stroke technique video

Backstroke Stroke Technique and Tips

Watch the perfect backstroke technique in action with our Speedo Fit video demonstration. Featuring hand positioning and arm placement tips, it covers the key elements you need to hone your stroke technique for a faster, more efficient swim.

Improve your stroke technique for a faster, more efficient swim.

Backstroke Pull Phase

Gently place your hand into the water, with your hand rotated outwards to allow your little finger to enter the water first. This will help you position your arm correctly, in order to catch the water.

Keeping your elbow positioned high, initiate the pull phase of the stroke by pressing downwards with your forearm, before pulling out to the side of the body.

As your arm pulls through the water, point your fingers to the side of the pool, and maintain a high elbow position.

Towards the end of the stroke, push the water backwards and accelerate your hand out of the water, leading thumb first into the recovery phase.

Backstroke Recovery Phase

On the recovery phase, raise your arm in a straight line up to the ceiling, bringing it down above your head, ready to enter the water for the pull phase.

Finger paddles can be used to work on improving your hand positioning when entering the water. They also help to build strength.