How-to: Butterfly breathing technique video

A good breathing technique delivers oxygen to your muscles and allows you to swim more comfortable and efficiently. Our Speedo Fit video demonstrates how and when to breathe when swimming butterfly and includes expert tips on maintaining an efficient body position.

Butterfly Stroke Breathing Technique and Tips

A good breathing technique delivers oxygen to your muscles, and helps you to swim more comfortably and efficiently.

As your arms begin to pull down through the stroke, lift your head out of the water to breathe. To maintain an efficient body position, aim to keep your chin as close to the waterline as possible.

After your hands finish the pull phase and begin to leave the water for the recovery phase, drop your head back down into the neutral face-down position. This will allow your arms to recover over the surface of the water, back to the front of the stroke.

Try using fins to help support your body and keep it positioned high in the water.