How-to: Butterfly stroke technique video tips

Our Speedo Fit how-to video demonstrates how to perform your butterfly stroke and includes tips from our elite swimming coach on how to improve your arm placement and hand entry for a stronger, faster swim.

Butterfly Stroke Technique and Tips

Learn how to improve your stroke technique for a faster, more efficient swim.

Starting the Stroke

With your arms in the water, and elbows positioned high, begin the arm pull by pressing down with your forearms to catch and pull back the water.

The Pull Phase

Holding the water, maintain a high elbow position, and accelerate your arms through the water, pointing your fingers towards the bottom of the pool. As you pull, aim to keep your hands inside your body line.

Push backwards with your hands as you move into the back of the stroke, accelerating your hands up and out of the water, into the recovery phase.

The Recovery Phase

In a relaxed motion, bring your arms over the surface of the water, keeping them straight and close to the waterline until they re-enter the pool at the front of the stroke.

Finger paddles can be used to help you focus on improving the positioning of your hands.