How to get into Wild Swimming

Sarah is an Architect by day and a fell runner, year-round swimmer & founder / co-ordinator of… View Article

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What will future Racing Suits look like for swimming?

Want to see the future of Fastskin? Introducing Fastskin 4.0, a concept racing suit based on the… View Article

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What are the Mental Health benefits of being in and around water?

I’m Naomi, a 30 year old psychotherapist and farmer’s wife in the Lake District. As well as… View Article

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The Best Things About Outdoor Swimming; That Aren’t the Actual Swimming

There are many aspects to outdoor swimming which are not about the actual swimming itself, but they… View Article

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5 Reasons to go for a Swim

In England 4.7 million people enjoy the benefits of swimming regularly* – so why not join them?… View Article

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6 tips for getting back into swimming

Can’t wait to get back into the swimming pool now that they’ve reopened? If you’re feeling a… View Article

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Get Back into Swimming: Session 4 – Toning and Strength

A targeted workout designed to tone muscles and strengthen your core. A strong core improves balance, stability… View Article

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Get Back into Swimming: Session 3 – Improve Technique

A workout that uses drills to help you focus on key areas, helping you to improve your… View Article

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