Enjoy Your Swim More With Our Water Safety Tips!

There’s no doubt that swimming is not just a great way to stay healthy, but it’s also… View Article

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Splash Programme (India)

India accounts for a disproportionate share (23%) of drownings worldwide, with 80% of drowning victims under 18… View Article

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Keep Your Family Safe, Happy And Healthy At Home

Make sure you stop, look and be safe in and around your home.

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Water Life Saving Service (Bulgaria)

Speedo joined forces with the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) in 2014 with the aim of reducing water… View Article

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Speedo Supports Learn to Swim Programme for Primary School Children local to Nottingham Headquarters

With support from Speedo, The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust and RLSS UK, EPIC Partners began working in… View Article

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Supporting Safety With Swim Cambodia

Speedo support SWIM Cambodia to educate drowning prevention in Cambodia to reduce child drowning rates. Other achievements… View Article

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How to Use Training Fins

Training fins enable you to improve your propulsive power and concentrate on your fly kick technique. Watch… View Article

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Improve Your Core By Fred Vergnoux

Core stability helps us to maintain the optimum streamlined body position in the water, so that we… View Article

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