Speedo Supports Likkle Swimmers in Their Mission to Provide Swimming Lessons to the Rural Jamaican Community, Treasure Beach

Likkle Swimmers was founded by a keen swimmer Charlotte Holt in 2017, and her father Keith Holt, to benefit a rural community on the south coast of Jamaica called Treasure Beach. Three years ago, this coastal community had no access to a public pool or swimming lessons, and this had led to multiple incidents of drowning. The purpose of Likkle Swimmers is to provide free swimming lessons for children aged 4-16, as well as adults, where they are taught from a programme designed for their level of experience. Likkle Swimmers aims to teach everybody basic swimming skills and lifesaving techniques such as treading water and floating.

Charlotte was inspired to set up the charity after nannying for a family who had lost a husband and father in Treasure Beach, after saving their four-year-old son when he was pulled out to sea by a riptide but sadly drowned.

After visiting on holiday with the family Charlotte was deeply moved by the strong community spirit in the village, and after leaving their employment in April 2017 went back to Treasure Beach to volunteer for three months in the local nurseries and basic school.

While volunteering for the local children’s triathlon, she discovered that almost none of the local children in the village could swim, because they had no access to a pool or swimming lessons. She resolved to set up a charity that would provide the children of Treasure Beach with this life-saving skill.

During the summer of 2017, 2018 and 2019 Likkle Swimmers have provided free swimming lessons to over 250 children and adults.

Lessons include water safety advice, and swim survival skills, making sure that every pupil knows how to help themselves if they get into difficulty.

Likkle Swimmers has 5 stages, and each child has to be able to complete certain swimming tasks before moving onto the next level.

Local lifeguards were originally employed to monitor lessons, which in turn resulted in them being trained as teaching assistants in 2018 as their enthusiasm and hard work was noted. These qualified young men usually work on boats during the winter months, but have little employment in the summer season. During 2018 they were mentored and have now qualified as Likkle Swimmers teachers, meaning that in 2019 they ran the Likkle Swimmers Swim School for the 8 weeks over the summer holidays with minimal support.

Speedo provided funding for Likkle Swimmers annual summer holiday programme which will include around 150 children. Speedo also donated goggles and swimwear so that those without can still take part in the programme as many children would be unable to swim otherwise due to lack of appropriate clothing.

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