Breaststroke breathing with Jessica Hardy

Devised to help you improve your breaststroke breathing technique, our video tutorial includes advice from our elite swim coach on how and when to take a breath, plus a breaststroke breathing demonstration from two-time Olympic medallist, Jessica Hardy.

Improve your Breaststroke Breathing

In breaststroke, your stroke timing and breathing movement are linked, and are crucial to the efficiency of the stroke.

Exhale as you stretch forward on the glide phase underwater. Then breathe in as you lift your head and shoulders out of the water, on the insweep of the arm stroke.

Breaststroke breathing technique is very individual. Many swimmers breathe in through their mouth, and out through their nose and mouth.

The timing of the stroke varies from swimmer to swimmer, and depends on your level of proficiency. However, the basic principles of kick, then glide, then pull and breathe, provide a good starting point for fitness swimmers.