Freestyle body positioning with Nathan Adrian

See how the pros perform the perfect freestyle body positioning technique in our how-to swimming video, which includes a performance by three-time Olympic freestyle gold medallist, Nathan Adrian. With tips from our elite swim coach, it’s been designed to help you hone your technique and align your head and body more effectively.

How to Perfect your Freestyle/Front Crawl Positioning with Nathan Adrian

The first step to improving your freestyle swimming technique is to focus on your body positioning. A streamlined body position will allow you to move through the water faster, while the rotation of your hips will help you generate more power.

Keep your body as flat as possible, in a straight line. Keep your head still, avoiding side-to-side and up-and-down movements. This will help you achieve the most efficient body position.

To gain more power in your stroke, ensure your hips rotate around your central core. Keep your back as flat as possible, pulling your stomach in. Visualise pulling your belly-button in towards your spine.

Maintain a straight line from your fingertips, through the back of your shoulders and hips, to your pointed toes on the opposite leg.

Your head should be in a neutral position, in line with your spine. Your own individual natural eyeline will depend on your body’s buoyancy in the water.

To gain more power in your stroke, link your hand rotation with your hand movement at the back of the stroke.

Fins can be used as a training aid to help keep your hips high in the water, and to give you a feeling of speed.

A centre snorkel can help you focus on improving your body positioning and hip rotation without having to consider your freestyle breathing.

Note Nathan’s alignment from his head down through his spine. Nathan’s head positioning is neutral, with his eyeline facing diagonally downwards.

When thinking about your own eyeline, choose one that feels natural to you.

When Nathan turns to breathe, note the level of rotation of his body. His extraordinary speed is due in part to the propulsion generated from his hip rotation.