Freestyle kick technique with Nathan Adrian

Watch the perfect freestyle kick technique in action with our kick technique video. Discover how to position your feet for maximum kick power, take on tips from our elite swim coach and see the perfect freestyle kick in action with three-time Olympic freestyle gold medallist, Nathan Adrian’s demonstration.

Perfect your freestyle/front crawl kick with Nathan Adrian

The stronger your leg kick, the more propulsion you can achieve. When performed correctly, your leg kick will help increase your swimming speed, while also assisting the stability of your stroke.

The kick should be generated from your hips, with the power transferring through your knee and ankle as your foot flicks out.

Keep your ankle relaxed at the start of the kick. As you kick down, extend your foot and point your toes at the end of the movement. Bend your leg slightly, but not too much, as this will create extra resistance and fatigue.

It is important to avoid lifting your feet too far out of the water as they recover, as this is counterproductive. There will be some white water, but this should be controlled.

The kick depth should be within your natural body range. Try to focus on smaller, more efficient kicks. Six leg-kicks for every two strokes is the optimum.

A kickboard can be used to help you focus on your leg kick, enabling you to develop your leg strength and endurance.

Nathan has a powerful kick, particularly at the extremes of his hip rotation. He has great ankle flexibility, which helps generate strong propulsion, especially at race speeds.