How-to: Backstroke kick technique video tips

Backstroke Kick Technique and Tips

Nail the perfect backstroke kick technique and watch your speed and propulsive power soar. Our Speedo Fit how-to video covers all bases, from the up-kick to the importance of kicking from your hip, and includes tips on how to use a kickboard and fins to improve your technique.

The stronger your kick technique, the more propulsion you will achieve, and the faster you will be able to swim as a result.

Backstroke Downkick

Keeping your foot in a relaxed position, extend your ankles and point your toes. With a fairly straight-legged position, bend your knees slightly as your foot moves towards the bottom of the pool. Then straighten your leg as your foot moves towards the surface of the water.

Backstroke Upkick

Keeping your toes pointed throughout, accelerate on the upkick. Try to kick from your hip, rather than the knee, to maximise your power.

A kickboard can be used to help you stay buoyant in the water while you work on your kick technique. Fins can also be used to improve your leg strength, and improve your body positioning.