How-to: Butterfly positioning technique video

Improve your butterfly swimming technique by mastering the correct head and body positioning. Our Speedo Fit how-to video will help you learn how to perform your butterfly stroke more efficiently, allowing you to conserve your energy and become more streamlined.

Butterfly Body Positioning Technique and Tips

The correct body position allows you to become more streamlined, improving your efficiency in the water.

Butterfly Stroke Head Positioning

Keep your head in a neutral, face-down position, directing your eyes 90 degrees below you to the bottom of the pool. This will help straighten your body while positioning it high in the water.

Keep yourself streamlined

Flatten your back, and keep your body as flat as possible.

Maintain a face-down head position, keeping your head still at all time unless lifting it to breathe.

A centre snorkel can be used to help you feel comfortable with the neutral face-down position in the water.