How to use a kickboard

A kickboard allows you to target your lower body, helping you to work on your leg strength and improve your kick technique. Our Speedo Fit video demonstrates how to use a kickboard during your swimming fitness programme and features expert tips on basic techniques to help you get started.

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Why Use a kickboard?

Kickboards allow you to target your legs, isolating them so you can practice your kick stroke, improve your balance, or work on your leg strength.

Holding the kickboard

Hold the kickboard with your hands wrapped over the top edge, and your arms in a straight, but relaxed position on top of it.

Getting the most from your kickboard training

Kickboards isolate the legs for specific conditioning exercises, and can be used to help improve leg strength while performing all swimming styles.

Kicks can be performed as short, maximal bursts in order to improve speed and power, or for longer repetitions to improve muscular endurance of the legs.